Sunday, September 14, 2008

6 years ago today

I had just gotten married. It's really hard to believe. We've been together now 8.5 years married for 6. Tonight my MIL will sit with the kids while we go for Cuban food and bowling. Did you know those are the traditional activities for a 6th anniversary (just kidding)?

Then I look down at my lap and see this 10 month old and can't believe how fast time goes. He's growing right in front of my eyes.

How can I be almost 33 years old? How can I have two kids and a husband and a mortgage and a soccer mom car now?

Crazy stuff over here!!!!

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Karen L. said...

Hey Tara, LIFE happens! Kids get older and grow bigger; marriages celebrate anniversary after anniversary (if you are lucky!); people have to buy a car; weather changes to cooler (yahoo!!!); parents grow older. Haven't you ever heard that the one constant in life is "change" and it happens all. the. time. Those of us who don't like change have to become more like a pliable tree that bends in the wind rather than a rigid one that ends up breaking. I am still working on that myself! Mom