Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yes, We're Fine

Hurricane Fay seems to be just skirting central florida inland. The poor east coaster are getting a run for their money, though. We are only suffering from cabin fever because it's been rainy and windy for 48 hours. I'm so glad she's going around us!

As for me..well recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about my diet and excersize routine. After finding out I'm both underweight and way below what I should be for bady fat content I then found out that Clark only gained 4 ozs in over 3 months. He dropped from 20th %tile to 5th %tile. While I know a lot of this is genetic and I will never have 'big' boys, I also am thinking since his main source of nutrition comes from my breast milk, that my low fat %tage is affecting the fat content of my milk. In laymans terms I make skim milk.

At this stage Clark still has a lot of developing going on and needs good fats for it. So I am sad to say I have to quit running. This same thing happened before when I started running again. After 2 weeks I lose 3-6 lbs and when you weigh 100 lbs that's a lot. Cardio just isn't good for me, so no triathalon next year either. So I'm probably going to quit the gym and use that money each month for extra food (I'll get to this) and getting Curtis into a preschool (sooner the better). I'll still do my morning walk, and believe me walking 1-2 miles while pushing two kids in a double stroller is actually a decent work out.

I'm also looking at my diet and realizing it's a little high in carbs and low in fat and protein. It's much easier to add good things for me than to subtract bad things so instead of focusing on eliminating carbs, like I've done in the past and failed, I plan to add lots of lean protein and good healthy fats to my diet. I am adding cheeses and yogurt, avocado and lean chicken and fish, and eggs too. I'm also researching protein powders for smoothies, so if you know of a good high protein tasty one let me know.

I hope this all goes well and I hope Clark and I start to look and feel better (although I can't imagine him looking any cuter than he already does...see...

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