Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kitchen Stuff

My kitchen is fully functional, as you can see. I made these delicious pumpkin oatmeal muffins yesterday (check out the flower from my rose bush as decor). I was stressed out and when I'm stressed, I bake. It helps me to get grounded and relax and then I also get to gobble down carbs when I'm done. These are pretty healthy for the most part and I love pumpkin.

It's almost pumpkin season and I'm so ready. August is hard in the south when we know we have at least 2 months of hot weather left. I'm feeling the cabin fever, but at least I'll be out having fun in December and January when all you northerns are snowed in ;)

So while it is functional, it is ugly. I asked my "worker dude" (that's what he calls it) to fix up my kitchen for me. The actual plan is to paint the ugly cupboard and get a new counter. We also need a new dishwasher and oven since ours are only half working now. I love to cook/bake and I'm so sick of this ugly, half working kitchen.

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Karen L. said...

Those muffins look wonderful .... I can almost smell them from here. You are becoming quite the baker. Now if we could just get you together with your brother the chef, we could open a restaurant. OK, maybe not as that is too much work for too many hours. I like the worker dude but I think you might need more of a professional to do the work needed, ha! Mom