Thursday, August 14, 2008

Longer out than in

Here's a picture of Clark I took on tuesday. He turned 9 months old on Monday, so in this picture he has officially been out of me longer than he was in me. It makes me both happy and sad. He's just a delight to be around, one of the cutest and most easy going babies I'm sure. He laughs and plays with us (including big brother) and one of the best things about him is he will sit with us at the dinner table and eat and eat and eat, allowing us to actually get a little food in too. Curtis is still not very good with mealtimes and has never liked eating. Even with his appetite, Clark is still a skinny guy.

It's in the genes, for sure.

I just had a consult with a personal trainer at my new gym and after seeing my body fat % and BMI he told me to stop running and start eating and lifting weights. This doesn't make me too happy and certainy doesn't bode well for my goal of doing a mini-triathalon next year. I'm still mulling it over. He also recomended that I get my thyroid levels checked so I guess I'll have to call the doctor soon. Ugh, I hate doctors.

Ok, enough whining from me, just enjoy this cute pic of my little baby.


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Karen L. said...

Awwww, look at that little cutie. He has on an all blue outfit that makes his blue eyes even bluer. Boy do I miss him and the rest of you. Glad he has turned out to be such an easy, happy baby. You deserved that. About the trainer: you already knew that you need to eat and gain some weight but Clark is taking some of that out of you. And as you said "it's in the genes, for sure". Still it would be nice if you could put on a few pounds. Meanwhile everyone else in on a diet to take pounds off. Maybe you can fit in some running but on a much smaller scale? Good luck, Mom