Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Guys Ate Cauliflower!

Can you believe it? I didn't tell them. I made the recipe from Jessica Seinfeld's book for "fried cheese sticks". It's half pureed cauliflower and half cheese coated and fried. I served it with pizza sauce to dip and let them have at it. They didn't come out super pretty like the sticks in the book, and next time I think I'll shape them into balls instead, but they were pretty good.

Curt kept asking why I made them. I guess my little smirk gave me away as he got suspicious. I finally told him and even my "super taster" husband admitted that he couldn't taste the cauliflower at all. He did have to add that it smelled terrible while I was steaming and pureeing it though!


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Karen L. said...

Nope, sorry, I really don't believe it! You will never convince me that any of your crew ate cauliflower. Mom