Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Beach Day

Ok, last post for today I promise. I'm playing catch up with my camera.

Curt took Mon and Tues off for the long holiday weekend and we went to the beach Monday. It was fun. Curtis had a blast playing in the ocean and Clark ended up falling asleep ontop of Curt. Unfortunatley I got sun burn. I'm so good about sunscreen everyday, I swear. I got there and put it all over but couldn't get my back. So I thought to myself, "As soon as Curt is done I'll get him to get my back." Well, Mommy brain kicked in and I totally forgot and now I have a beet red back that stings so badly! Thank God for Aloe. I know God was planning things when I realize that aloe grows so well here in FL, the sunburn capital of the US.


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Karen L. said...

Oh yeah, right, you all go to the beach but you don't take me. That's just fine. I could have helped make a drip castle. Oh well, maybe next time!!! Mom