Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Homemade Teething Cookie

Clark has been slowly getting more interested in solid foods. He kind of skipped the puree food stage, since he has 4 teeth now and can kind of chew a little. He has been eating green beans and cut up cooked sweet potato. I tried toast, which he wasn't really into and then decided to try this recipe from It is made with infant rice cereal, which he never really ate. It's high in iron. I have read that breastfed babies are sometimes lower in iron after 6 months when the iron store in mommy's milk gets low so I figured I'd try these. He kind of plays with them and chews them a little, but mostly just makes crumbs.



Karen L. said...

Looks like you got some new cookies trays and silicone sheets. Bet they make baking a lot more pleasant. Mom

Karen L. said...

Forgot to mention what a cute little guy Clark is. Sure miss seeing him as he goes through baby stages. Mom