Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Things are progressing here.

Our 2 day plumbing job turned into a 4 day job that finished this morning around 11am. Everything looks good but Curtis and I have been feeling a little nuts being stuck here for almost 4 days. Plus add the chaos of having men in my house cutting and working and all of my cupboards had to be emptied. A couple of holes were cut in walls but they patched up nicely and were in very subtle spots (like inside a closet). Overall I'm happy with the work but unhappy with the lies. On Sunday they told me they had 1/2 a day left. Well they worked all day yesterday and half a day today. I think they should be able to estimate better than that and they were just trying to tell me what I wanted to hear instead of breaking the bad news to me. Remember my water is turned off this whole time and I'm a preggo who pees a lot. There were other things they down right lied about to make me happy when I'd rather just hear a disappointing truth first thing. Needless to say tomorrow we are celebrating our independance and indoor plumbing.

Also about our pool. I did take some advice and took a sample to a pool store. What happened was I got algae (not sure how) and killed it on my own but then there was/is dead algae in my pool making it cloudy. We are running the pump longer now during the day and cleaning the filter often and hope to have clear water soon. The good news was that all the levels checked out fine, so I must be doing the chemicals right. I had no idea you had to be a chemist to own a pool like this. It's been a learning experience that I'm sure will continue.

So that's my update for those reading. I hope everyone has a happy fourth and enjoys the day off, if they get it. We are looking forward to a BBQ at a friends house tomorrow afternoon and some quality family time tomorrow morning.


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