Thursday, June 28, 2007

slacker blogger

I've not been blogging much. I'd like to blame it on this wicked head cold I have but that just started yesterday. I slept so awful last night and personally think there might not be a whole lot more worse than being sick while pregnant and a mom to a 2 y.o.

I've been reading some development books since Curtis has taken a liking to kicking me a lot lately and it seems the consensus is that the 'terrible twos' really start at two and a half. I feel for the little emotional guy trying to understand this crazy mixed up world, but there isn't much more frustrating than going round and round with a two and a half year old who is angry about something. He seems to be learning how to deal with anger slowly, which I assume is normal and to be expected. We seem to be either having a blast or having a big fight now-a-days and nothing in between.

Also, since I'm whiney today, I also feel frustrated since I can't get this new swimming pool right. We put it up a few weeks ago (a long lost internet pal sent it to me as a gift) and we were loving it. Then we swam on Sunday only to wake up Monday to green water. I've put in chemicals and run the pump but still it's cloudy. I bought a big brush thing and did that to the walls and floor both yesterday and today with what little strength I could muster and I'm really hoping it goes back to normal. Who knew pools were so hard to figure out? It's like science and I'm no scientist.

We've knocked out lots of tasks from our pre-baby list recently and I am feeling good about the state of things here. Unfortunately we recently found out our house needs to be re-piped. This is expensive and frustrating since in the 3.5 years we've owned this house we've had to get a new A/C unit, new roof, and now this. Luckily we got the house cheap or I'd be extremely frustrated. Once the pipes are done (this weekend) I'm diving back into changing this office room into Curtis new 'big boy' bedroom. I hope to have him in it by August before his preschool starts. The baby's room will be easy since everything stays except some of the toys and decorations. I can't wait until Curtis is in his 'big boy' bed so I can crawl in with him in the early morning hours.


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Heater Dizzychick said...

Check out pool supply stores in your area. Around here, we can take a sample of water to any one of many places. They check the chemicals and other levels in it, and if there are issues, they tell us how to fix them. Once it's up and running, checking the chlorine and pH are easy with an at-home test kit.