Monday, June 04, 2007

all about me

This is what I looked like yesterday afternoon at a little over 16 weeks.

I've been dealing with health issues of late. I failed my 1 hour gtt by 2 points. I thought I had passed since no one called me but it turns out they changed the cut off and I would've passed with last years cut off, but not this years. I reluctantly agreed to the 3 hour test and it was awful. Seriously awful. I was sick and threw up and spent the 24 hours after the test feeling awful. I assumed I would fail and was surprised when I called two days later to find out I passed. Now I'm worried, as I believe they will want me to take it again at 25 weeks. I plan to decline this time. I wanted to decline last time and I tried to listen to my gut, but my MIL and DH talked me into taking the 3 hour test. This time I am just going to decline and hope there isn't a fight. I will check my sugars with my monitor and do just about anything else besides this test. Yes, it was that bad. It messed up my body chemistry so much and I don't believe it was good for me or my unborn babe.

Otherwsie I feel pretty good lately. A couple of things bug me here and there (blurry vision, low back ache, heartburn), but nothing major really. I did begin a mild panic when I realized it was June and we haven't done anything to our house that we had planned. I need to move furniture out of the spare room, paint it and set Curtis up in his big boy bed there before August (my goal). Also we have this above ground pool sitting in it's box for two summers now and I really want it to get set up ASAP. Let's hope DH and I get motivated in the next couple of weekends to get some of this stuff taken care of before Curtis starts preschool in August.


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Heater Dizzychick said...

Not that this is helpful, but it gives some explanation why the cutoff changed:;_ylt=Ap4uUmg212cuMYMoVSppj5cE1vAI

Glad to hear you're feeling pretty good. I hope it continues to go smoothly!!!