Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Belly on Vacation

Here's what my belly looked like on vacation last weekend. My MIL and her DH came into a little money and took the whole family to a resort in Daytona Beach for 2 nights. Curtis had a blast both on the beach and in the many pools they had. We also had fun playing skee ball in the arcade and won some neat little prizes. No one got sunburned and Curtis slept in a big boy bed in his own room in the hotel for both naps and night. We had a two bedroom suite and I was amazed at how easily he went down in the hotel bed. I guess he's ready for his big boy bed.

We tested out some green paint we had left over on his new room but it was too dark so we'll have to go paint shopping this weekend. There is only one window in that room so we want something lighter. Curtis keeps asking for yellow so I guess we'll see about that. I'm sure we'll make our deadline of having him moved in and in his big boy bed by the time preschool starts. The computer is moved and the old computer desk went out to the curb since it was already broken in a couple places. All that is left is the CD cabinet in there and I'm still not sure where that will be moved to. He'll keep the guest bed as his new bed and the dresser in there for his clothes. His Paw Paw (MIL's DH) is probably going to make a small little table and stool for him to also have in there to play or color on. We will move all his sports themed decorations over and keep the crib and changing table in his old room for the baby. That room is blue and I'm going to put up a few underwater themed decorations up for the baby. After that all that is really left is to get an infant carseat since we got rid of the one Curtis used. I feel much better about our progress now-a-days.


Heater Dizzychick said...

congrats on the house progress! i know that always feels good :)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! Best wishes for healthy and happy baby!!!