Monday, July 23, 2007

toddler poncho

I finished this knit toddler poncho the other day. It will be a Christmas gift for a neice. I am desperatley trying to make all of our Christmas gifts before Oct 1st so I don't have to worry about them once I'm 8+ months preg. This ponch was easy. I added a small button and didn't seam it up all the way in the front so it can go over heads easier but otherwise it's just two rectangles, CO 30 stitches and knit for 16 inches each. It's a nice soft slightly varigated purple yarn.
I've finished my own poncho in crochet for this Fall/Winter but I never took a pic. Once I get DH to take a pic of me in it I'll post that. Right now I'm working on knit booties. I plan to make one pair for a friend and one for my little boy inutero.

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