Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl etc.

Isn't he the cutest bookworm you've ever seen?

The game was exciting last night. I was pulling for the Colts mostly because I like Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. Otherwise I really didn't care too much which is nice as it makes for a pretty relaxing superbowl. I was very emotional yesterday and went all out for Superbowl food for the three of us. We had meatballs (well, Curt did), shrimp, spinach dip and pita chips, and strawberry shortcake I made myself.

The garage sale went as well as possible considering it rained both days and had thunder and lightening on Saturday. The weather has been rough on us Central Floridians again but I am lucky to say my family and I are all safe and fine. I do really wish my warm Florida sun would peek out again soon though. So we made about $75 and I got rid of a bunch more clutter by having the garage sale. I ended up donating any toys that didn't sell to a family I learned of who did lose their home and belongs in the storms. The specifically asked for toys for their kids so it worked out nicely that I was able to donate those that didn't sell. Otherwise a few things are going in the attic and two boxes will be donated to the church.

I went to Joann's looking for some specific gemstones this weekend and didn't find what I wanted. So today after Yoga I went to a little Bead shop I had heard of and found what I wanted. The prices seemed high and the lady was less than friendly, but the beads were just what I wanted and very pretty so I splurged and bought them. I'll try to get back to Joann's (with my coupon) for some wire and other do-dads so I can start on the necklace I have envisioned ASAP. I'll post pics when possible.


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