Thursday, February 08, 2007

First Necklace

I know the pic isn't great but I tried several times and this was the best I could get. This necklace has much significance. The stones were picked for their particular attributes:
Rose Quartz - It emits a calming, cooling energy. Love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, lovingness, self-love, emotional balance. Gently soothes and warms heart center. Emotional healing, loss, stress, hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment, anger. Slowly eases childhood traumas/neglect/lack of love, low self-esteem. Good to wear in a chaotic or crisis situation. It is "the stone of gentle love" bringing peace and calm to relationships. It can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love. It is a rejuvenating agent for both physical body and the emotions. It is an excellent energy for healing emotional "wounds".

Smoky Quartz - It can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. Alleviates fear, anxiety, depression. It can be used to initiate a powerful force field which will absorb many forms of negativity, both from within ones self and from other forces. It promotes personal pride and joy in living. Smoky quartz has been used to regulate creativity in business, and to encourage astute-ness in purchasing. It works to diffuse communication deficiencies and to dissolve mental and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning.

I was also planning on including clear quartz but it never made it in. I made this necklace today on the first day of my new menstrual cycle. I made it with fertility and my future child in my mind and heart as I carefully lined the stones up. I made sure that there are two smoky quartz stones on each side of the pendant signifying the 4 people that will be in the loving unit of my family. The pendant is a rose quartz rabbit. In Ancient Chinese Medicine the rabbit symbolizes fertility. I am pleased with the results and will wear this necklace and feel it's healing qualities as I embark on my next cycle. I am blessing it and thanking mother nature for providing the health and fertility that will come to me through these gemstones.


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