Monday, June 30, 2008

swim lessons

Curtis and I are learning to swim. Actually my lessons are now over and he is still learning.

I never really learned to swim as a kid. Mostly we spent time in the ocean where I grew up in NJ and I was always a touch anxious in pools for some reason. So I signed up with the city for lessons and a young college kid taught me how to tread water, float on my back, and yes...I learned to do the forward crawl. I'm pretty good at it now after 2 weeks of lessons but I don't have much endurance. I feel successful though because I just really wanted to be more confident in the pool, since I now live in FL the state where every other house has a pool.

Curtis was kind of nervous for his first two lessons but now, in week three, he is very confident and has even come very close to floating by himself. You can't beat these lessons as they are 4 days a week and two weeks for $25 for city residents.


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Karen L. said...

Yippee, the two non-swimming members of this family are FINALLY learning to swim. It's about time!!! Now there is no reason to be apprehensive when you go to someone's pool. Clark is the only one left to learn. Mom