Friday, June 13, 2008


Amaranth is an ancient grain that the Aztecs used to eat. Apparently some of them also used to mix it with blood from sacrifices and make little voodoo dolls of it so the settlers banned this grain in hopes that it would stop the sacrifices. Luckily for us a few of these ancient people keep growing it in secret or we wouldn't have it today. It is full of protein and, the reason I'm experimenting with it, is gluten free.

A local mom just had baby #4 and she is gluten free so I made this amaranth with mushroom tomato sauce for her. The recipe called for spinach too but it really tasted good this way too and I was out of spinach. Next I plan to try to pop it as I've read you can pop it like popcorn and it is much more nutrient dense then corn is.

This is a chocolate torte I made. It's basically a big round chocolate brownie with chocolate glaze on it. It was definitely not gluten free, but sure tasted great with whipped cream.



Karen L. said...

And just where is my piece of chocolate torte? It had better be in the mail on it's way North ... Mom

Katie said...

Can you share the recipe for the amaranth, mushroom and tomato sauce?

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

Sure I'll is vegan, too!