Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Mornings

Thursday mornings are my favorite weekday morning for many reasons. This is really the only morning of the week that the boys and I really relax. Since there is no school on Thursdays for us, we get to stay in our PJ's all morning and hang around the house. For me this means cup after cup of tea and reading bits and pieces of the newspaper and the internet in between preforming lego space ship repairs and breaking up sibling rivals. Inevidably, my boys will ask to do a craft.

I am definitely a member of the school of mother's who let their children determine the rhythm of the day. Being a 'type A' Virgo, I do enjoy my schedule, but I also really have come to love these boundless thursday mornings and the feeling of freedom that they bring.

One rainy Thursday morning not long ago I pulled out the fabric paints that I bought on clearance at Joanne's and searched through the drawers for plain t-shirts that the boys could paint. They had fun both painting the shirts and afterward cleaning up in the bath.

This morning I opened up a package of Halloween themed foam stickers that, once again, I bought on clearance after the holiday. Target and Joanne's are my two favorite stores to hit the day or two after a holiday for mark downs. Young boys really don't care if they are dressing skeletons in pumpkins in the middle of March. So here we are on another rainy Thursday morning sitting around in our PJ's and really enjoying the slow pace of the day. I remind myself more and more to enjoy these slow times since with Curtis' new soccer team and his ever nearing entrance into Kindergarten (don't even talk about it), soon these leisurely Thursday mornings will for sure be a thing of the past.

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