Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Soccer Prodigy

Guess who scored the first goal of the first game of the season for his team?

It's just too bad today's practice has been rained out because he really loves playing so much. He asks me everyday, "How many more days until soccer?"

Coach says he is a natural. I seriously had to blink tears away when I watched my first born score his first soccer goal. I love this kid soooo much and I am so proud.


Andy said...

LMAO! I could have written this post!! That is me, sitting over there, cheering for the little tow-head who is out playing, out scoring, out witting, and out maneuvering every other kid on the field! Or most of them, anyway. It's so cool to see them flourish and glow.

L.J. said...

I loved reading this and could feel your love, excitment and joy for him in your post! How wonderful!

Karen L. said...

Curtis looks so "grown up" and confident in that first photo. Guess that is because he loves soccer and he is good at it! Carry on, Curtis! And Mom, keep the car running as you will be on the go a lot now.