Friday, March 05, 2010

Life takes precedent

There are times in life when I really want to record what is happening through photos and blogging but I find myself having to make the decision between remaining present in the moment or rushing off to find the camera to record the moment. This blog entry is about one such occasion.

Today has been a really beautiful day here in Cen FL. The boys and I have spent much time together outdoors playing in the yard. At one point I noticed a couple of acorns had fallen from our neighbor's tree and sprouted in our yard. With some care I was able to free two of them whole from the dry winter soil. Both boys really enjoyed looking at the acorn with roots cracking out from the bottom and a 'baby tree' sprouting from the top. We decided to plant our baby trees and see if they will grow into big oaks like our neighbors have in their yard.

We were having so much fun that I decided not to break away to grab the camera right away. I really do wish I had captured that shot of both boys carrying their newly potted seedlings across the yard with such care, but at the moment it seemed more important to be present and enjoy the scene rather than to be rushing off to capture it on film. I sometimes fear that I won't remember these precious moments without recording them, but there are also times when I do believe it is more important to just be present in the moment. This hasn't always been something I was aware of, but lately I've become more and more present in my life with great rewards.

So after Curtis was done planting his tree and was back inside playing Mario, I ran to get the camera and Clark was nice enough to oblige a few photos. Here you can see as he demonstrates how he watered his seedling just moments before.

Unfortunately, it seems I wasn't clear enough about how long it takes one of these oak trees to grow since when he was done watering the plant he pulled his little chair right over to watch it grow. I then explained how his tiny baby tree needed lots of time and sunshine and rain water to grow big like the one next door. I'm not sure if he fully understands yet or not.

He sat for quite some time contentedly looking at his baby tree with pride. I might have a little gardener on my hands here.


Heat said...

You won't have photos, but if you journal about it, then you still have captured memories in a place that you can look back to later.

Being present is better, I would guess :)

Karen L. said...

I love everything about this post: you enjoying the moment instead of perhaps missing it while off getting the camera; that little guy taking care of his tree by watering it; the sitting and waiting for the tree to start to grow (simply precious, a word I never use but could not think of one better); those little bare feet guarding that newly planted tree. My heart is bulging!!!!!