Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick Brothers

Well, I haven't blogged lately because we've had the sickies off and on. Unfortunately I thought we were totally off and it seems we are back on again....maybe...Curtis was at 102.5 at 4pm but now at after 8pm is back down to 99 degree temp, so who really knows. This has been a crazy illness going back and forth like that, but we're making the best of it by hanging at home and watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons and playing bocce ball in the yard and the frogger plug in game my MIL gave us.

The boys are so cute together even when they are under the weather. They both get so fascinated with the thermometer. Here you can see Curtis checking his little brother's temp out in such a professional manner.

And of course along with a fever comes some special treats. In order to keep the boys hydrated when they are sick I give them some things I normally wouldn't, like Gatorade and jello. I try to avoid the dyes these things have in them, but while they are sick I make an exception and it usually does get them to perk up some and get some extra fluids in.

I believe this is a photo of Clark's first experience with Jello. I don't remember ever having him try it before, but I can't be 100% sure since my memory is clouded by life at home with two young boys. He honestly wasn't that thrilled and when I tasted it I could tell why. Maybe these premade cups aren't as good as the old fashioned kind.

I know we aren't the only ones around these parts suffering. I've heard rumors in Mommy groups and Preschool about viruses and flu and strep going around. I am not one to rush off to the doctor for every illness since it usually just ends in a $30 copay and the advice I already know....lots of rest and fluids. So here we are again with our cartoons and jello and frogger, fingers crossed that the crud leaves our house pronto.

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