Sunday, April 13, 2008

Treasure Map etc.

Remember last year's treasure map. Well, here is this year's version. I really liked the vines I painted on last year's map in the feng shui bagua colors. This year I put the colors behind the pictures and it looks simpler but maybe a bit more organized. Lots of fruits and veggies on this one. Also I wrote an awesome manifesto for this year and all the wonderful things I expect. Writing this was very therapeutic for me and put me in a great place mentally. I taped it onto the back of the map and plan to read it over regularly.

Curtis found a new friend today. Here he is with Willy the woolly worm. They were really inseparable for a while and it took some cajoling to get him to let him go free and get into the bath this evening.

Oh, and Clark seems to like sweet potatoes. I told you he takes after his mother!


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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Curtis is fascinated with bugs and nature in general. And look at that Clark guy go to town on those sweet potatoes!!! Hey, Clark, leave the spoon, OK? Those boys are really growing. Miss them and you. Mom