Tuesday, April 08, 2008


As you can see we are enjoying Spring a lot here.

After Christmas I got a freezer Jam kit for 75% on sale. I saved it until Strawberry season because it called for 4 cups of crushed fruit. After going strawberry picking for the second time this Spring I decided to make my own Strawberry jam. Curtis loves this on sandwiches with peanutbutter.

Also I have to thank my Mom for her awesome zucchini bread recipe. This has always been my favorite. I make a lot of banana bread, but honestly it can't hold a candle to this wonderful treat. With zucchini in season and on sale for 89 cents a lb I couldn't help myself. I'm sure as soon as some space becomes available in my little freezer I will make a bunch more to freeze.



Heather said...

Are you willing to share the bread recipe?

Anonymous said...

Great, now another entry that makes me hungry!!! Haven't made that bread in quite some time. Maybe when the Florida zucchini makes it way up here, I will. Think I need to make a trip down there. Save some of that strawberry jam. Mom