Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello there,

I have very blue eyes and love being outside. I smile a lot and also really like sticking my tongue out at people. My big brother is so nice to me and Mom and Dad are really happy that he isn't jealous at all. I know we are going to be best of friends. When I'm not nursing or sleeping I like to just sit and suck on my fingers. Mom has been too busy to post here lately so I figured I'd come and tell you bleaders a little about myself since I'm half the reason she's so busy. I sure do love her since she takes good care of me but I'll try to give her a little free time sometime soon so she can update you guys more.
Clark D.


Anonymous said...

What a complete cutie pie!!!!! In about 16 years those really blue eyes are going to get him in so much trouble!!!!!! I just want to hug this little boy. Clark tell Mom thanks for letting you get on the computer to post these wonderful pictures.

Nicole R. said...

He's beautiful!! Love him!!

Anonymous said...

Clark D.,
Hey there little fellow, it's your Aunt Holly here. You sure are a cutie!
I know your Mom is so happy to have you and your big brother Curtis that she doesn't mind not being able to get online as much. But it was really nice of you to give her a break. . . taking care of kids is exhausting! But as your Mom would agree. . .soooo worth it! Keep the tongue out, make Mommy smile.
Love ya little guy!
Aunt Holly

Oiyi said...

Adorable!! Yup, those little ones do keep you busy! But they are so worth it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Baking books are my first choice for reading in bed, too.