Sunday, February 17, 2008

double stroller

When I was pregnant with Clark I went to the annual sale that the Orlando Metro Twins group has. I saw this older version of a double stroller there for $20 and looked it over. While I was looking the ower came over and said that she was not going to take it home and that I should make an offer if I was interested. I really didn't think I'd need a double stroller as Curtis is really wanting to walk on his own most of the time now and I have several slings/wraps I use with the baby, but I was thinking this might be nice for theme parks and such. It rides really smoothly so I offered $10 and we were all happy. So far it hasn't gone anywhere but around our block. Usually Curtis asks to get out and walk half way around and I oblige, but it is kind of nice to have it and the kids sure do look cute in it together.

I am so glad I was able to talk Curt into having a second child. I can't imagine Curtis w/o his baby brother. He loves him so much already.


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