Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I've been making lists today. I'm going to share here in case anyone wants to know. If not, then don't read them ;)

To buy:
  • infant socks
  • car seat
  • baby book
  • long sleeve shirts in 0-3 and 3-6
  • pants in 0-3 and 3-6

To do:
  • find bassinett in attic
  • make more freezer meals
  • make merge file of addresses for baby announcment
  • pack hospital bag
  • arrange for Curtis' b'day party at CEC
  • find bouncy seat
  • finish decorating nursery - stuff on walls, curtains, crib skirt
  • finish all Christmas gifts - 1 toddler poncho, gift cards, stuff for Curtis

My Mom is coming to visit in 2 weeks. Maybe she'll be able to help me get motivated to tackle these last items. I'm feeling prepared but I guess nesting is starting a little because I just feel like more needs to be done...and NOW.



Heater Dizzychick said...

do you have an extra freezer you keep all of your freezer meals in? or do they fit with whatever else you have in your freezer?

looking forward to seeing pics of all the newly decorated rooms!

Anonymous said...

You know that once your Mother gets there, she will help you in any way she can. Of course, she still has a bunch of sewing to do at home. You will have to be patient for those items but at least the fabric has been purchased!!!!