Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Curtis loves "match cars" as he calls them and his favorite thing is to "build a line" with them.
For the first time ever today Curtis wore underwear w/o peeing in them. Usually w/in mins of putting them on he has an accident. He's fine using the potty if he's naked but we've been having trouble transitioning to undies and I can't really take him out of the house naked. I'm hoping this is another step towards him being diaper free sooner than later.

Also his new bedroom with big boy bed is almost ready. The plan is to have him in there starting tomorrow night. He seems excited by it and the room really is turning out nice. I'll post before and after pics when we're completely done with it. This is another exciting step in his growing up.
So, on a completely other note, it looks like I'm having a hospital birth this time too. Some of you may know that I'd been contemplating a birth center birth, but as it turns out my insurance will not cover this and I'm not willing to shell out a couple thousand for it. Honestly I was on the fence about this to begin with so it is a little nice to have the decision made for me.

But.....I'm still a little disappointed. There are many pros to a birth center birth, the main one being that it is not a hospital. I am, as I did last time, aiming for no drugs during this birth and I believe that would be easier if none were available to me. Instead Curt has asked that I make a little list of the things I'd like to do differently this time and he'll try to help steer me in those directions, should the case come. Honestly I'd love to either arrive at the hospital ready to push and/or "accidentally" not make it and have an "accidental" home birth. I pretty sure Curt won't let the later happen though, so we've discussed and decided to labor at home as long as possible before hitting the road.

My MIL will be watching Curtis while I labor and birth and maybe even keep him overnight depending on the time frame. I'd really like for him to not be near me while I labor. I know some people like including their children but I can't even imagine talking to him at all while in labor. Hopefully she'll come and take him away when we ask because I really don't want to labor with her nearby at all either. So he's pretty much taken care of and the plan is set and now I feel good/excited/scared.


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