Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Recently Curtis was invited to ZoomAir to celebrate the birthday of one of his friends. ZoomAir is an obstacle course set up in the trees in wild Seminole County (well right in front of the zoo, but it definitely isn't the city). We have marveled at the course each time we've walked past on our zoo trips for the past year, so we were excited that Curtis would finally get a first hand experience.

The children's course starts with a practice run through a course that is lower to the ground. Once that course is completed, the children then go over to the main attraction, which is much higher (at some points well above my reach) and a bit more challenging.

I was very proud of Curtis for pushing through a little rough patch mid-course with some help from the guide. Once the course was completed he got to ride a tree swing down to the ground and was awarded with a water bottle with carabiner holder for future course work.

I'm not sure if Curtis will be asking to do the course again anytime soon. It was quite a workout for him and I do believe that if he was even a cm shorter that he wouldn't have been able to reach the guide wire at all. Maybe after another year of growth we will try again and see how much he has improved, but for now we are happy to be just looking over the photographs and enjoying the memories of such a fun, hot, and challenging experience.


Karen L. said...

Wow, what a brave kid!!! Not sure I would have walked that "bridge" with the rope above especially since he could just about reach it ... but then you already know how I feel about heights. Curtis did such a great job. I'm betting that you were nervous at first but proud of him at the end. Go Curtis!!!

mepsipax said...

Those things are flipping awesome. I used to do those as a kid. I took my son on the free fall thing when he was 3. He liked it, but now that he is older, he won't go on it.