Sunday, July 11, 2010

Showing off

I'm excited about my new(ish) craft space and my overabundance of fresh herbs, so I decided to show them off here on my blog.

So here it is, my own little spot in our office/craft/art/guest room. Hey, when you have two kids and a 'work out of the home' husband in a 3 bedroom house your rooms have to multi-task.

Here you can see my comfy little set up. I bought a table at Office Max and set up my sewing machine and Aero garden right next to my husbands desk a few weeks ago. I don't get many daylight hours in there yet, but I can envision happy mornings crafting and writing away next to my beloved once both boys are in school.

I can't tell you how nice it is to finally get my sewing machine off the dining room table and in it's own little spot. No longer do I need to worry about little hands getting into my machine or having to pack it up and move it when company comes over. Maybe having this spot will even motivate me to sew more often.

And here you can see the abundance of my Aero Garden right now. This was actually a Mother's Day gift from two years ago that was just waiting for a spot to be set up. My own Mother won it for me in a contest and I have found it very easy to set up and the herbs seem quite happy.

So this morning I had to do another Basil harvest. I have been researching new ways to use basil (basil iced tea, purple basil lemonade, lemon basil muffins, basil sorbet, etc etc) and I have thankfully had some pretty good success since this is the herb that seems to be taking off the best right now.

Stayed tuned for future blog posts for more of my tales of experimenting with fresh herbs.

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Karen L. said...

Nice sewing area. Hope the machine noise doesn't bother Curt when he is working .... or maybe you sew when he is off work. Also, nice bounty of herbs. The Aero Garden is a weird set up but it does seem to work fairly well. Don't you love having fresh basil when it cannot grow outside? The basil does seem to grow the best.