Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pre-K Graduate

That's right, we have an official Pre-K graduate in the house. Curtis' school had their graduation and moving up ceremony this past weekend and we had a blast. I almost cannot believe that my first born son is going to Kindergarten in just a few short months.

Here's the happy family on the big day.

Curtis with his diploma.

Here's a photo of the whole class at the Complete Soccer Academy preschool.

Curtis has now completed two years at the CSA and their play based learning system has really worked well for him. We couldn't have been happier with all that he has grown with the help of the teachers here.

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Karen L. said...

This is only the beginning of a lifetime of big events for your first born. And it will be the same for your second born just some different events perhaps. Yes, it is just fine to be proud!!!