Sunday, June 06, 2010


So my little long haired hippie boys were definitely due for a hair cut today. With lolly pops in hand we undertook the task.

Curt and I tag teamed the actual cutting because it seemed to work best that way.

This 'before' photo of Clark shows just how adorable he is on a regular basis.

And these boys got really lucky when the ice cream truck came by just as we were finishing the last of Curtis' hair. After the torture that is a haircut for these boys I had no problem splurging on the $1 ice cream sandwiches.

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Karen L. said...

Well, looks like the weather is heating up in FL. Bet the boys feel so much better and cooler now. It's nice that you can do this yourselves. I remember doing this for many years for two boys, a small girl child, and a husband. Memories! You are making them everyday.