Sunday, May 02, 2010

Thoughts on Solitude

I'm struck by how crazy human existence is. The things we do, sometimes, seem down right insane to me. I read about people who trek out to far remote places and I find myself craving that kind of distance from society at times.

My life seems full of other peoples needs. I think that is why I steal 'me time' whenever I can, regardless of the inevitable guilt that comes with it (deserved or not). I read about mountaineers sleeping in bags on the side of K2 and I wonder what it feels like to be so close to solitude. I know for me fear would be enormous, but I still wonder what that kind of 'communion with nature' would feel like if I could get over any of the logical or illogical fears that would be involved.

I find that I myself cycle through my desires for solitude and community pretty regularly and unfortunately I think I feel lacking in both most of the time. Right now as I find myself envious of those mountaineers, I daydream about all of the amazing realizations that I believe I could come to in such a situation.


Karen L. said...

Ah, you are in the "raising young children" years when you cannot even go into the bathroom without someone knocking on the door and all you want for Christmas is a few moments to yourself. When the kids grow up and go off on their own, you'll start to wish someone would come and knock on that bathroom door. Remember to cultivate some outside interests just for you! This will help to keep you sane. But mostly remember that life is ever changing ... sometimes only changing every few months or even years and other times changing day by day or even hour by hour especially when you are raising children. Do the best you can, that's all one can ask of you.

Ruthie said...

I got your package today. Thank you so much Ms Tara! Such a thoughtful and unexpected gift. <3