Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tae Kwon Do

We recently won a free week of Karate Camp and decided to take advantage of it now while Curtis is taking a break from swim lessons. Unfortunately he had to have a little procedure done on a plantars wart on his foot and had to sit out these next three weeks of swim lessons. The fortunate part is that we got to cash in the free week of camp.

It's been an interesting time. There is a wide mix of ages at this camp and he seemed very shy the first day, but warmed up today.

Today he came home showing me the blocks that he learned and talking about a new friend he made, so that helps my heart a little.

My poor boy has gone through so much this summer already with the glasses, eye patch, foot procedure, that I really am struggling to see him process all of this. I am still hoping that he will grow to like the camp even more tomorrow and we will even consider signing him up for classes if he desires. Mostly I just want him to have a little fun outlet for the emotions that go along with all of these transitions this summer.


Heat said...

Hooray for swimming! Hooray for karate!

I'm sorry there's been so much medical stuff going on. Is he as upset about it all as you are? It's possible that it's much worse for you than it is for him...

Keep on keepin' on!!

Karen L. said...

Curtis looks so cute in the Tae Kwon Do outfit. He will probably gain a lot of confidence from these classes and that is a good thing (as Martha would say, ha).