Friday, July 03, 2009

My boy has glasses

So the only bit of excitement we've had around here lately has been medical, unfortunately. The first bit of excitement was a shocking visit to the eye doctor. As it turns out, to our surprise, my boy has pretty poor vision. We were shocked because neither Curt nor I need glasses.

As you can see he looks pretty cute in the Spongebob bikini bottom blue glasses he picked out. I, as his mother, am still getting used to the change. It is pretty crazy how a pair of glasses can change the way a little boy looks.

He has taken to wearing them pretty well. At first he threw a small fit, but I think once he figured out that they actually helped him see he was really ok with them. I looked through them and can't believe he can see through them, but I guess that's because I don't need them, right?

So this may seem like the happy ending to the story of a boy and his glasses, but it is not. Please stay tuned for the next part of this story, which will be called My boy wears a patch.

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Karen L. said...

Curtis looks great in the glasses. The challenge will be keeping them from getting lost or broken. However, now that he can see better, he may never want to take them off. I see contact lens in his future .... especially if he plays soccer competitively!!!