Saturday, March 15, 2008


So here are the banana muffins from the Rachael Ray magazine. I do not recommend them. While they do taste good, for some reason they stick really badly to the muffin papers. I'm not sure why. I followed the recipe exactly and put in choco chips instead of raisins, which was one of the options. If anyone knows what causes them to stick so badly please let me know.

Here's a picture for my fellow Eagle fans. I know it's not NFL season, but he fits this now so he is wearing it now. You may notice that all the current pics of him have his fingers in his mouth. I guess this is better than that darn binkie his big brother is addicted to.

On that note, big brother went to the dentist for the first time and the good news is there were no cavities. The bad news is the binkie has messed up his bite some. We are stricted ordered to get rid of it so the Easter bunny is going to take it in exchange for a really awesome basket full of toys and candy. I've been talking this up since the dentist visit but I'm still getting some resistence. I am hoping to be very surprised by an easy transition.

And finally, we went strawberry picking this morning. We had a blast. There is a playground on the farm with a big giant pile of sand that Curtis loved playing in. I'm thinking we need a sandbox in our backyard now. They also have a zip line which I was very impressed that Curtis actually did it over and over again. My little dare devil. Of course we picked a ton of strawberries and ate strawberry milkshakes and hotdogs we cooked on sticks over an open fire. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so you'll just have to enjoy this pick of the berries rinsing off in my sink.



Anonymous said...

aaron got rid of his paci on his birthday last month! start cutting off the tip today! do a little more every other day! helped a ton! and tell him the easter bunny is taking it to______. inserting favorite chariter(ours was mickey mouse) and mickey sent aaron a pluto doll! had 2 or 3 night of a little crying but not bad! about an extra hr to fall asleep..hope that helps!
dec darling

Anonymous said...

Tara, I am sending positive thoughts for the "giving up of the binky". Hope Curtis gets through it quickly and with little angst. I thought the lasagna looked good until I saw the pictures of the strawberries!!! I forgot how great it is to have fresh berries this early. I remember seeing them traveling in trucks in FL in Feb. and March. Wow, I can almost taste them!!! About the cupcakes: Some cupcakes that are baked in cupcake papers need to have the inside of the papers sprayed with a Pam-like product. A light spray all around should do the trick. Wonder is this was left off your recipe? They did look good though .... even though they were made with the dreaded "bananas". You know how I am with them. Cute picture of Clark even though he looks like he is eating his hand. No binky for that boy, huh? Mom