Monday, March 24, 2008


Here I am the day before Easter with my two guys. I've been complaining again that there are never any pics of me so Curt has been trying to get more. I like this one as Curtis has a "I am the big brother shirt" and Clark has a "I love my big brother" bib on.

Curtis gave up his binkie, with a bit of strife, and got an awesome basket of goodies. We're on day #2 of being binkie free and he is napping now and didn't even ask for it today! Hooray!

Clark got a basket from the Easter Bunny with a box of rice cereal and a cool seahorse glow doll. He'll be ready for rice cereal in a month or two now. I can't believe how fast time goes.

Church was great as always. Here we are all dressed up in the lobby. I can't tell you the struggle to get all 4 of us in nice clothes and to church on time. Thank God normal church service is casual!

And one more of my babe and me. I really do like this pic of us. I'm so glad to have a few with me in them now!


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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the family. In the first picture, Curtis looks like someone just told him a joke (and so do you) and Clark looks like he doesn't think it is so funny, just maybe scary!!! Cute! Nice Easter picture of the whole family. Ah yes, I remember the days of trying to get everyone dressed and out of the house on time and still clean. There was always a shirt tail hanging out or a loose hair ribbon. Mom