Saturday, January 26, 2008

Infant Gemstome Massage etc.

Just wanted to share something. I've been sitting with Clark a lot now-a-days on the bed giving him belly rubs. Lately his stomach is very gurgly (if thats a word) and he seems to have tiny periods of fuss and pain. So this afternoon I felt it gurgle and I took him on the bed with my collection of gemstones. I don't have many that aren't in bead form, probably less than a dozen. So I took them one by one and rubbed them in clockwise circles on his belly. I've been told clockwise circles help digestion. So he seemed to really calm down a lot and get peaceful for citrine and yellow topaz. I looked these up and liked what they were for and then noticed that they are both considered birthstones for his birth month of november. Pretty cool that he seems to already feel connected to his birthstone(s). He's now sound asleep and I keep catching him smiling in his sleep. Another funny thing I found on that website is that Clark has yellow topaz as a birthstone and Curtis has blue topaz as a birth stone. Next chance I get I'm going to try to get a blue topaz from the gem shop and see how Curtis reacts to it.

So today started rocky because I was a little tense about this photographer coming. See I won a raffle for a free photo shoot and a disc with 25 best pics on it. We had her come this morning to do baby and family portraits. I always get tense about pics because I've felt like I take a terrible picture and never really have many that capture the good moments in our lives (until now). There is a negative story about my wedding which we have about 3 good photos of that I still have bad feelings about. But I won't get into that. So I took some rescue remedy but Curt and I were still snapping at each other and I was stressed about Curtis' pants not fitting and my hair being frizzy and the weather being cold and almost rainy. Well, the photographer was great and we got a bunch of great shots and as we finished up the first few rain drops fell. I'm expecting some great pics and I'll be sure to share when they come in 2 weeks.

Now I'm looking forward to an evening of bonding with Clark as Curt is taking Curtis to the monster truck show. Funny thing is a friend got them tickets and was going with them and his son who is 6 months older than Curtis but he backed out at the last minute so now it's just DH and Curtis going. It's a little drizzly so we got them ponchos and I'm wondering how Curtis will do with all the noise, but they are going to try it out for a little to see how it all goes. So Clark and I are getting to spend the whole afternoon and evening together bundled up inside on a drizzly cold day, and honestly I can't think of anything else I'd rather do right now.

Off to make some tea.


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