Saturday, January 26, 2008


Here's what Clark D looks like now.

So I picked up a gingerbread man kit at an after Christmas sale for really cheap. I thought I'd try letting Curtis bake cookies with me and didn't want to invest too much money since I figured more would get on the counter and floor than on the pan. I've heard all these stories of women baking cookies with their toddlers but wondered how my little tazmanian devil would do. Last weekend we let Daddy go to the movies with a friend and once Clark D was asleep Curtis and I had fun making and eating some of these. He had lots of fun stirring the dough and also enjoyed using the cookie cutter. The dog also enjoyed it since she got to lick all the dough off the floor that Curtis spilled.

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Holly said...

Who needs a dustbuster when you have a dog right? Looks like you guys had fun! Clark D looks so much like Curtis. . . .adorable!