Thursday, September 27, 2007

September Vacation

Here I am, belly and all, in a bathing suit at the B&B. I'm the same size I was when I gave birth to Curtis yet I have 7 weeks to go!
Here we are on the dock on the back of the B&B. Dig my belly button! Can you believe we've been married 5 years now!?!?
This is our little sitting area outside the room.
This is the pool area right on the bay at the back of the B&B. We never swam in the pool but we did swim in the Gulf twice.

So there's a little recap in pics. We had lots of fun and got to see dolphins in the gulf right in front of us jumping and everything, and we also saw sting rays along the edge of the water a few times. We ate tons of seafood and stayed in bed until 9am when breakfast was served each morning. We found two cool gem stone shops and I had so much fun looking at all the gem stones and bought a couple to bring home for me and some for Curtis too. All in all it was fun but I don't think the hormones of a very preg woman are made to be separated from her son for long. I missed Curtis sooooo much.

September has been a rough month for us and it's going out with a bang. Curtis has Bronchiolitis. He was just getting sick the day we got home. He finally slept through last night and seems a touch improved today so I'm a little less on edge now. I'm really looking forward to October as a sort of new begining or fresh start. The weather here has changed a touch for Florida. We have cooler breezes and it's not killer hot...just plain regular hot. In the morning and in the evening it is down right pleasant outside. I'm daydreaming of pumpkin pie and crisp apples and cool evenings on the porch which require long sleeves.


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Heater Dizzychick said...

The weather just changed here, too, within the last week. It's perfect here now, for me, but this kind of weather doesn't last long :( But in the spring, I missed it all because I was in the hospital, so at least I can enjoy it now :)