Monday, January 31, 2011

Sandwich Wrap

I finally got around to making a few of these sandwich wrappers for the boys lunchboxes. I used this tutorial and supplies that I already had so it was a pretty quick and easy project. Here you can see what it looks like after it is all wrapped up.

I found this pirate themed fabric in my stash and thought it was just perfect for this project. The pirate obsession all started one recent weekend when we walked over to the school playground, which happens to have a boat shaped jungle gym. We had such a fun time pretending to be pirates looking for buried treasure that the game has continued off and on many times since then.

This wrap not only saves me from using reusable plastic sandwich bags, but it also serves as a handy place mat for when the boys are eating their lunches at school. You may remember when I made some reusable velcro topped baggies for snacks a while back. Those are perfect for snacks, but not as easy for the boys to use for sandwiches. Now we have these wonderful wraps to add to our tupperware and baggie collection and I have cut my usage of disposable products even more!


Elly Lou said...

Brilliant! And the skulls are so punk rock! I wonder if I could trick my husband into using such a thing...

Karen L. said...

Really like how you are making things so you don't throw more stuff in the landfill. Might have to do a few of these myself .... but maybe not pirate themed! lol