Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Making Yogurt

I recently got this idea that maybe I could start making my own yogurt. In a wonderful moment of serendipity SouleMama posted about this very thing that same day. When looking at her blog post I remembered that I had bookmarked something about yogurt making ages ago and went on a search to find it. Making yogurt in the slow ingenious, I was game!

At first I wanted to start with half and half, but alas my store only carried ultra-pasteurized half and half and this is not good for yogurt making. So I decided to try whole milk instead, since I am still trying to fatten up these skinny boys of mine.

The process was easy and the product turned out great. What a thrill when I awoke that next morning and found a crock full of yogurt on my counter. For the price of a half gallon of organic whole milk I made a lot of yogurt.

And I must say the smoothies have been flowing ever since....and they are good! I have recently been feeling like my green smoothies were missing something, and I do believe I have found the missing link to the perfect smoothie. Not only does this addition make the smoothies more meal-like, it also adds the benefit of live active cultures to each sip.

I'm planning to experiment more with straining some to get a Greek style yogurt and look forward to finding some good cucumber/yogurt dip recipes. The possibilities are endless.

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Karen L. said...

Reading this has made me want to make yogurt. Sounds easy in the slow cooker.