Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jaws Alton Daniel Lopez Fisher

A little over a month ago our beta fish 'Bobby' passed away. He had lived to the ripe old age of 4, which is pretty old for a Beta, but the kids were still sad to see their little pal go. Each morning we look toward the spot where his bowl used to sit and remember giving him his smelly fish flakes before breakfast.

This happened around the same time that a neighbor's dog gave birth to 7 puppies. For the past 7 weeks or so we have been wondering if one of these puppies would become our new pet. The puppies are 1/4 poodle, giving them a good chance at being easier on my allergies, so it seemed like one of them might be a good choice for our family.

After the writing of many pro/con lists and playful visits to the puppies, we have finally come to the hard decision that getting one of these puppies would not be the best choice for our family right now. While all four of us still hope to find the right canine companion for our family at some point in the future, we took joy today in a trip to the pet store to invite a new pet beta fish into the family. So here he is....

After looking at many fish we settled on this pretty blue guy. Curtis immediately commented on his back fin, comparing him to a shark, hence his new first name 'Jaws'. Of course for our family one name would not be enough for our new fish so each boy gave his own middle name as well as both of our last names to Jaws. So this little pet store beta was happily introduced to the family today as Jaws Alton Daniel Lopez Fisher.

It was fun to see the excitement on the boy's faces as we ushered Jaws into his new home. Clark insisted that we play music and dance for him once his bowl was set on the record player where his predecessor 'Bobby' once lived. Listening to both boys talk about their new pet and dance and giggle as they relished the excitement of the day was very heartwarming.

Welcome Jaws! We hope that you enjoy your spot in our home.

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Karen L. said...

This was a good choice at the moment. Maybe later you can get a dog or maybe never. Time will tell. And holy cow, what a name! I don't think you can put that name on a tag and let the fish wear it because the fish might drown from the weight. Well, it's a fish so maybe not.