Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Bunny!

There is a local community Spring egg hunt right outside of our neighborhood that we try to go to every year since Curtis loves a good egg hunt.

This year it was a little stormy out, but we headed out anyway and got about an hour of good Spring fun in before the rains came.

Curtis has never ever been shy with the bunny or Santa or any characters he has ever met.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for Clark. LOL!

I love Spring and Easter time so much. The weather here is beautiful 90% of the time and we have so much fun family time planned.

Stay tuned for more posts which will include but not be limited to a beach vacation, Easter on a friend's mini-farm, and Kindergarten registration!!!!


Heat said...

Every time you post pics of your kids, I think, "Sheesh! Those kids are so freakin' cute!"


Karen L. said...

Cute! You would have thought that Clark would not be afraid of the Bunny since his big brother is standing there but .... some kids just don't like any of the holiday characters. I have a photo of you and your brothers visiting Santa in which you are being held by your arm by one of your brothers as you try to get away from the jolly old fellow. So, guess Clark is a chip off the old (mom) block!!!