Monday, August 03, 2009

Curtis moved to level 2

Curtis has been taking swim lessons at our city pool for two summers now. Since we don't have a pool ourselves (yet?) he doesn't get much chance to practice so he's been repeating level one over and over. Well, on friday we celebrated his graduating to level 2 finally. He was very proud and excited to get to level two where, as he put it, "we have to swim harder".

Here he is on the first day of class in level 2.

He loves bobbing on the side of the pool waiting for his turn to swim.

And here he is learning to swim!

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Karen L. said...

Congratulations to Curtis on his graduation to Level 2!!! Looks like he is really enjoying the water and swimming now. Good for him! Wow, wish I were in the pool with him .... and so does Clark!!!!