Saturday, February 14, 2009

Clark's first haircut

We decided to give Clark a haircut for Valentine's day. I've been wanting to let his hair grow long but the thing is it just becomes a trap for food and sweat and it's in his eyes a lot. If you know me, you know I'm all about making life easier and the haircut became easier than the hair growing.

Here he is still so long haired and naive of what is to come.

Here he is in the chair with his long locks. We took him to a Sport's Clips because #1 I have a friend whose sister works there and she's done really well with Curtis' hair, and #2 I had a coupon (forever frugal).

He did pretty good during the cut. He got a little antsy at the end and I had to pick him up for her to do around his ears, but otherwise I'd say it was a success since there were no tears at all.

Curtis helped keep him occupied by making silly faces at him.

And finally he got his lollipop reward.

I'm feeling a little weird about my baby getting his hair cut. Yes, I know he is 15 months old, but he's still my baby. Once you get those wispy ends off he really looks different/older. It's also a little sad to think that the hair he grew in utero is now mostly gone. I have a little zippy of the first trim for his baby book though.


Anonymous said...

He looks much better IMHO.

Il Padre

Karen L. said...

Clark is so darn cute no matter how long his hair is but he does look better, well maybe the word should be neater, with the hair cut. Love the faces Curtis is making!!!