Friday, October 24, 2008

Wind Up Sushi

I recently got a new car. It's used, but new to me. I keep forgetting to take a pic of me with it, but that's not important. What is important is that this new car does not make a ding noise when you leave your lights on like my husbands car does. So, yes you guessed it, today I left my lights on and the battery died. I wish the story ended there but your ding bat of a blogger accidentally left her cell phone at home today too. On top of that I accidentally took the car with the baby seat in it but left the baby home with Daddy. So there I am at school with Curtis with no phone, a dead battery, and my husband can't even come get me because his car has no baby seat. Lucky for me another mom showed up with jumper cables so I didn't have to wait for AAA.

I went to Walmart looking for a new battery and they didn't have any that fit my car. But I did find this wind up sushi on the clearance aisle. What the heck is up with this? I couldn't pass it up!

I sure hope this week is I am less of a ding bat.


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Karen L. said...

Sorry about your day. The good news is that this usually only happens once in a while so you should be good to go for months now. And .... what the heck is a wind up Sushi and what the heck does it so? I think you might have wasted a quarter, ha!