Saturday, May 10, 2008

I donated my hair

Yes, it's true, although I'm still having trouble believing it myself.


Heat said...

it looks cute! do you want to keep it short or grow it back out?

Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

I'll grow it long again. I did it because I really wanted to donate some hair for wigs to be made for those in need, and I also think this suits me right now. I know it's cliche to get your hair chopped off after having a baby, but it really is easier right now. I prefer long hair, but this is good for now and it will grow back.

Anonymous said...

Tara, Is that really you? Can't believe it!!!! It will take some getting use to but it does look cute and carefree ... the last being oh so important right now in your life.
Yep, you are right; it will grow back so no big deal, just really extremely different. Mom