Friday, December 28, 2007

new year

Anyway I'm feeling a little gittery today. Could it be because I've had so much sugar (pumpkin pie, birthday cake, 1/2 coke, power bar, 1/2 bagel)? I'm making a cup of herbal tea right now to try to counter the effects. I'm sure it isn't good for Clark either. I'm trying to get used to the fact that as a bfing mother everything I eat effects him.

This leads to my new years resolution. I've been thinking about it a lot. I have lots I want to accomplish but the big thing is my diet. Lately it's gone to pot. Definitely too much sugar but also too many processed foods and I shamfully skip meals and get so hungry I snack on junk all day. It is harder with an infant and a toddler but most of it is just laziness. So #1 goal is to slowly refine my diet and that of my family (I might be nuts on that one).

#2 is organization (I know it's cliche). I've been in a real declutter mode lately. These sugar jitters help with that at least, keeping me cleaning and organizing. Since December is a big gift month for us I went through the toy box yesterday and made three piles. There were the keepers, the trash, and the stuff to donate. Now when I add all the stuff that is still under the tree it won't be so bad. Still I plan to slowly get rid of more and more throughout the year. there is just no need for kids to have as much as we do and so much of it is noisy plastic junk. Curtis has more fun with acorns and play dough than most other things (yes the play dough stuff was the best gift this year for sure).

So now that I've laid it all out there, time to get to it. The cleaning and orgnaizing will be easy compared to the diet stuff. I'm just terrible with food self-control until now, but that will change slowly and gradually over the next year, I am confident!

Clark really smiles at me now. Every once and a while I decide to give him a little sponge bath. I put him on the bathroom counter on this spongy bath pad thing and wipe him down with clear water and shampoo him with special baby shampoo. Today when I did it he looked into the mirror and saw my reflection and smiled so big at me. I stood there smiling back at him for several minutes of heaven!

Wednesday in the Target a woman stopped me and said, Your boys are beautiful!" I was beaming. Life is so good. Both boys are napping now and I'm off to my tea to calm down some.


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