Thursday, April 26, 2007


My son's new obsession is the roley poley. He really loves all bugs and we get these cool books from the library that are really for older children about bugs and their life cycles and such and have a blast looking at all the cool close up pictures. Around here the roley poley is probably these easiest to find bug that doesn't bite. Curtis gets super excited to have one crawl on his hand or arm as you can see in the picture.


Katie said...

I had to laugh at this. My 7 yr old just got in trouble for bringing his favorite icky thing to play with, worms, on the school bus.

It all started so innocently, just like your picture of Curtis!

Anonymous said...

This post does not tell you that Taradactyl's son gets his bug fetish honestly from his Mom. When she was little, she used to play in the neighbor's mulch pile, digging out worms and holding/playing with them. She had pink eye several times from doing this as she would wipe her eyes while digging and get some of the dirt in them. Does she remember this? Probably!